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THANK YOU!! Not-so-Great NTL Application arrived


Thanks to David Moeller, Attorney at Minnesota Power, for a real notebook full of their application for the Not-so-Great Northern Transmission Line (thought I’d say it was full of something else, eh?).  And an Application for the ATC/Xcel Badger Coulee transmission line is on the way too!  What a great day!

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PUC issues Notice of Comment Period

Business Starting Line

We’re off to the races — the Public Utilities Commission has issued its Notice of the Comment Period, initial comments on completeness due November 19, 2013, and reply comments due December  3, 2013.

Notice of Comment Period – Completeness_201310-92832-01

What’s at issue?  It’s pretty loose, essentially whether the application is complete, so says the PUC:

Topic/s Open for Comment:

• Does the application contain the information required by Minnesota Rules, part 7849.0220, subpart 2?

• Are there any contested issues of fact with respect to the representations made in the application?

And if this wasn’t enough, ATC/Xcel also applied for the Badger-Coulee transmission line today, from La Crosse to Madison (the Cardinal sub in Middleton).


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GNTL Application Filed


A little birdie gave me a heads up, and … sigh… here we go!

But before we get into the application, it’s important you know how to get into the PUC docket and look around for yourself.  To look at everything that’s been filed here thus far, go to and then “Search eDockets” and search for Docket 12-1163 (under “year” go to “12” and under “number” type in 1163).  The docket will come up.  To “subcribe” to the docket, it’d kind of confusing, but go to the column headings, and click a box under the column “Subscribe” and then move up to the button that says “Subscribe” and click that, then follow the directions at the next screen and type in your email address and for “type of subscription” click “Docket number.”  Then you’ll get notice of all the filings in that docket.

Also, here is a flowchart of how this will go, the process for a Certificate of Need (click for larger version)(the Courier font comments are mine, added for a flyer last year):

PUC Process-Edited

There are public participation opportunities that are not show in the the official process.  On the left hand side, where the ALJ holds the hearings, before that there is the opening for intervention, meaning you can ask for a seat at the table.  At the hearings, you may question witnesses, either as a formal intervenor, or as a participant — the PUC doesn’t want you to know about these options (duh!  If they did, they’d include it in their official flow chart).  As this docket moves forward, I’ll be posting notices of the deadlines so you’ll have the chance to jump in, chime in, and weigh in!

The application for the Not-So-Great Northern Transmission Line has been filed.


CoN Application_201310-92766-02

App A_201310-92766-03

App B_201310-92766-04

App C_201310-92766-05

App D_PPA_201310-92766-06

App E_Need Powerpoint_201310-92766-08

App F_201310-92766-09

Appendix G – Environmental Info — too large to upload!

App H_Forecast_201310-92773-01

App I_201310-92773-02

App J_MP IRP_201310-92773-03

App K_CIP_201310-92773-04

App L_Labovitz_201310-92773-05

App M_NorthernAreaStudy_201310-92773-06

App N_StabilityStudy_201310-92773-07

Where’s Appendix O???  It’s been filed!!!  Here it is:

App O part 1 Manitoba-US Xmsn Devo Wind Injection Study_201310-92790-01

App O part 2  201310-92790-02

App O part 3  201310-92790-03

App O part 4  201310-92790-04

App P_LoopFlowStudy_201310-92784-01

App Q_MH-US TSR Sensitivity_201310-92784-02

App R_MISO MarketReport_201310-92784-03

I’d pay particular attention to the last half of the filings, and get a load of that Labovitz “study.”  Those are always a crock.  Bad news is that Skurla might not be a witness, boo-hiss, he’s so much fun!

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