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Obama pushing GNTL – progress NOT!


(Yes, I know, this happened on May 17, but that was in the middle of this ITC Midwest mess of Public and Evidentiary hearing, AAAAAAGH!)

Pres. Obama, do explain how locking us into outmoded infrastructure for long distance transmission of central station power is in the public interest?  For a long time, we’ve known Obama is from a coal state and takes a lot of money from dirty interests, like coal and energy and utility interests, and we’ve known for a long time that Obama promotes transmission:

What does Obama’s Xmsn push mean?

Obama’s Transmission BS in the News

Now we have yet another example of what it means, as if “fast-tracking” the CapX 2020 Hampton-LaCrosse transmission line wasn’t enough.

FACT SHEET – Building a 21st Century Infrastructure: Modernizing Infrastructure Permitting

Read this carefully, because media has been MISREPORTING this as some sort of approval, “a nod” or worse.  Really, it’s much ado about nothing.  All this means is that the feds have received Minnesota Power’s Presidential Permit application and put it in queue, on their Federal Infrastructure Projects Permitting Dashboard. Here’s the link for the Not-so-Great Northern Transmission Line, listed as an upcoming project, and there’s really no information here, nothing about schedule, no contact people, nothing about how to get on service list or any other manner of notification:

Great Northern Transmission Line

And here’s their Presidential Permit Application, it’s pretty much a cut and paste of their Minnesota application (thanks MP for sending a hard copy!):




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