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Line 3 DEIS Meetings NOW!

I’m putting this map of Enbridge’s “Line 3” proposal because it has way too much in common with the “Not-so-Great” Northern Transmission Line route.

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement has been released, and there’s a limited time to comment on it.  Commerce says the DEIS available here:

Department’s Line 3 website

Here’s the meeting schedule, starting tomorrow (this site was down, my server disappeared it, and it just came back after three messages to them!!):

If you can’t make it to the hearing, send comments by July 10th.  From the Notice:

And don’t forget that there will be Public Hearings on both the Need for this project and the pipeline route (note that these dates and locations may change):

To keep up on this, check out the eDockets for filings.  To do that, go HERE, and plug in dockets 14-916 (for Certificate of Need) and 15-137 (for Routing).  When you get there, have the docket pulled up, subscribe by clicking on the docket column square under “subscribe” and it will bring you to a screen to sign up.

And FYI, here’s a process chart, I added to the PUC’s official process chart, because opportunities for people to participate were not on the chart!

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