MP’s routing application is filed

RoutePermitCoverYes, here it is, it’s been filed, and it’s massive, so it’ll take a while to download and post — apologies for not doing it yesterday, but it was tax day after all, something that for those of us self-employed folks is a royal pain, or should I say a royal payin’ perhaps!  So today, getting this application posted is the task.

To check it out, go to the PUC’s “Search eDockets” page, and go to the listings for Docket “14-21” — it’s easy, at the red link above, click there, and where it says “Docket Number” at the box that says “SELECT” put in “14” and then on the box to the right of that, put in “21” and hit “SEARCH” just above and it’ll appear on your screen.

OK, it’s tea time, and then I’ll download and then upload over a cup of Earl Grey — a BIG cup!

Here’s the scoop – about 1/3 of the filings are too large to upload, so I’m cutting and pasting from their site.  If you’re interested in this, download it, because those links could change, and in time, they could be “disappeared,” which I’ve seen often over the years.  So download, and if you’re wanting a hard copy or CD of the application, call them or email and request it!

The “Presidential Permit” is the one I’m most interested in, and I’ll look into how that works and put up a post on it soon.  They’re not all downloading, maybe they’re just putting it up now.  So, don’t be surprised if some of those links don’t work.  Here ya’ go:

Route Permit Application

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