So what is Xcel, et al., up to?

When the “Regional Utilities” submit Comments like this, and reiterate that they plan to intervene and propose a different corridor as a “system alternative,” just what are they up to?  As I posted yesterday, I asked about intervention and got nothing, no idea when they’ll file, and really, no idea IF they’ll file.  Could be just a threat…

Threat of what, well, a threat of claiming an interest in this proposed line — that’s all that makes any sense:

Regional Utilities_Comments_201311-93834-01


Assist the Commission?  We know how they “assisted” ATC on the Badger Coulee line, claiming 1/2 ownership:

FERC Complaint – Ownership of Badger Coulee

And Xcel won that one, after which ATC tried to claim 1/2 of CapX Hampton-La Crosse and lost…

Commission Order – Xcel 1/2 Owner!


Are we in for a repeat?  Hey, it worked for them once, why not again!  When the “Regional Utilities,” Xcel, et al., want to “help the Commission” how could it be anything but good for the “Regional Utilities” a/k/a Xcel Energy?  So how are they focused on helping themselves, errrrrrrr, “helping the Commission,” yeah, that’s it… and to what?  Seems it’s pretty limited, they’re either helping themselves to new for-profit transmission and marketing ability for export generation running from Manitoba Hydro’s Dorsey substation into their CapX 2020 transmission line at Barnesville… or do they want to help themselves by threatening a reroute and then “settle” for an ownership piece of the Minnesota Power line as proposed, like their 50/50 split with ATC on Badger Coulee?  And are there other options?  Well, “Regional Utilities,” we’re depending on you to let us know!

Xcel, et al., have not yet intervened, so we don’t know what they’re doing, other than to proposed this other route, as a “system alternative,” which is bizarre.  It’s at least a threat, but where are they headed?  That’s between Minnesota Power and Xcel, et al., but it makes me a little squeamish thinking of the possibility of such a major reroute with inadequate notice, particularly one that MISO has not put to the head of its class in the MTEP.  Not to mention that Xcel should know better than to throw its weight around like that, not a good way to make friends and influence people.

Once more with feeling, here’s what their “system alternative” looks like on a map, their map:


Take a good look at this map, and compare with the most recent MP proposed corridor, focused on the northern options and eliminating the one dropping south and running around Red Lake:


Think about good things… think about the bad things….


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