Scheduling for GNTL Certificate of Need proceeding

We’re inching forward in the scheduling for the Not-so-Great Northern Transmission line proceeding at OAH.  Commerce and Minnesota Power have sent in proposals, Commerce for the public hearings across the state, and MP for the whole shebang!

The Prehearing Conference is on Friday, THIS Friday, the 17th at 10 a.m. in the PUC’s Small Hearing Room.

Here are the proposals, starting with the TENTATIVE public hearing schedule:


Here’s MP’s proposed environmental review schedule (and it’s way too ambitious, Commerce can’t get anything done that fast, we’re always waiting for environmental review, and the public hearings shouldn’t be held before that’s done!):


And MP’s Hearing schedule (HA!):


Less than a year for a 200+ mile part of a US/Canadian 500 kV line?  You be dreamin’.

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